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    Peter is Director of ViAGO International’s Australian operations and a Black Belt in Thinking Presenter. “I am endlessly fascinated by the innovative ways people create real solutions to ‘unbreakable’ business problems thought in the Black Belt in Thinking course.” If you have met Peter you can confirm he is the most excited member of the team. He attributes this to his experience with implementing fast process changes that stick. The secret is applying behavioural psychology to make the new process more reinforcing for users than the old way. Peter has been a part of the team for six year since conducting a ViAGO sponsored research report while completing his Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours at the University of Waikato. Upon graduating he grew an understanding of real world business through interviewing over 150 business owners and managers. ViAGO’s rapid install and focused training approach has given Peter many exceptional deployment and change experiences in a short space of time.
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    Agile in Practice: Kanban

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Apr 30, 2020 11:28:35 AM

    3 Tips to increase Workflow visibility (and reduce meetings) in Agile Software Teams

    So, you’re probably already using Kanban boards or some other type of system that allows you to visualise work, limit the work in progress, and maximise the flow of work (efficiency) through your team. The team knows what work needs to be done during the current sprint, what work people are doing (or have started), and what work has been done (completed)…

    But, do you find that you still need to have a lot of meeting to find out what someone is working on right now, course-correct priorities for ‘urgent’ jobs, or chase up jobs to see when they’ll be finished?

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    Agile in Practice: Stand Up Meetings

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Apr 21, 2020 12:10:48 PM

    Why should your team have stand up meetings?

    Daily stand-up, daily scrum, daily huddle, daily team meeting – many people prefer the term ‘daily stand-up’ as it reinforces the point that it should be brief and to the point. Others prefer ‘daily huddle’ as a reference to a sports team’s strategic huddle.

    Whatever your team calls this daily ritual, the daily stand-up meeting is a fundamental part of Agile software development used in Scrum.

    Stand-up meetings are a great opportunity to make sure the current sprint is on track to finish what was planned, that people can get any assistance they need, and everyone is aware of the pace of the week.

    As with many other daily practices, people can slip into bad habits, and stand-up meetings can become less useful, even eliminating a lot of the benefit and purpose of running sprints.

    As with many other daily practices, people can slip into bad habits, and stand-up meetings can become less useful, even eliminating a lot of the benefit and purpose of running sprints.

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    3 Most Effective Ways to Increase Business Productivity with Software

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Mar 24, 2020 9:17:59 AM

    Nowadays, it may seem obvious that software is a useful tool for improving business performance. Choosing to implement workflow or enterprise software can have a huge impact on achieving your company growth and productivity goals. A good software system should not only manage your data but also aid in increasing your productivity.

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    Agile In Practice: Estimating Tasks

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Mar 23, 2020 5:40:52 PM

    Two sprint planning mistakes that wreak havoc in software development teams

    In an ideal world, your development team gets all their planned work done in a sprint without too much stress or chaos. In the real world, however, things don’t always go that smoothly. Sometimes, the decision has to be made whether the unfinished work will flow over to the next sprint, or whether the team does a few late nights near the end of the sprint to get it done.

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    Agile In Practice: How to Increase Your Dev Team's Sprint Performance

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Mar 23, 2020 5:36:46 PM

    Is your software development team running sprints to plan, complete, and review deliverable work? The introduction of Agile practices and principles in the software development industry created a massive shift in the way software development was managed. This resulted in the ability for faster release of products to market and better market fit. If you’re looking to grow your company, increasing your team’s sprint performance can give your company a competitive edge or just eliminate some of those day-to-day challenges that are hanging around the edges and burning capacity.

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    Agile In Practice: How Does Sprint Length Impact Workflow?

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Mar 23, 2020 5:06:03 PM

    How long should a sprint be? Many, if not all, software development teams who are using the Scrum framework to implement Agile principles, will have asked this question. While sprints are limited to one month (4 weeks) under the Scrum framework, there’s no set length for a sprint. There are pros and cons of short sprints (1 week) and long sprints (3-4 weeks) as sprint length can impact the workflow and management of a team in various ways.


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