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    Understanding the 'why' behind the processes used in an organisation has always been very important to me. I believe you cannot expect employees to follow processes if you cannot explain the logic behind them. "Because I said so" doesn't really inspire adherence. Since joining ViAGO International Ltd, I've had the privilege of learning an abundance of useful tools and knowledge to analyse systems and processes. Although producing high-quality content is the reason I joined ViAGO, content is now a tactic I use to support my new mission: Helping others increase the productivity of their business, or as we like to say, helping business owners and managers transform their business from "Chaos to Calm".
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    Breaking traditional beliefs in the workplace

    Posted by Gemma Stanbridge on Feb 26, 2020 9:28:37 AM
    Idle resources aren’t as bad as you think. Here’s why we need to break traditional beliefs in the workplace!

    It’s somewhat of an unwritten policy that idle time is ‘bad’. Or at least it’s a belief ingrained into our society and workplaces. We must always be busy at work or find something to make us busy. Right? We feel bad when we take time out to do nothing, to take a breather. We should be working harder and doing more work to be more productive and efficient. If there isn’t any scheduled work left to start, let’s make up something we might need in the future. If we aren’t actually busy, then we should at the very least make ourselves appear busy so that management doesn’t cut our hours or think they don’t need us anymore. After all, the boss isn’t paying us to sit around and do nothing!

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