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    Peter is Director of ViAGO International’s Australian operations and a Black Belt in Thinking Presenter. “I am endlessly fascinated by the innovative ways people create real solutions to ‘unbreakable’ business problems thought in the Black Belt in Thinking course.” If you have met Peter you can confirm he is the most excited member of the team. He attributes this to his experience with implementing fast process changes that stick. The secret is applying behavioural psychology to make the new process more reinforcing for users than the old way. Peter has been a part of the team for six year since conducting a ViAGO sponsored research report while completing his Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours at the University of Waikato. Upon graduating he grew an understanding of real world business through interviewing over 150 business owners and managers. ViAGO’s rapid install and focused training approach has given Peter many exceptional deployment and change experiences in a short space of time.
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    How did Agile software development come about?

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Nov 28, 2019 12:21:51 PM

    The Agile approach to software development emerged in the 1990’s as a result of the increased usage of software by businesses, and eventually end-users. The software development processes being used before this time, while adequate for large infrastructure projects, were inadequate for developing commercial software which contained much more variation to specifications.

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    How did Waterfall software development come about?

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Nov 20, 2019 4:08:19 PM

    The Waterfall model was believed to be the first software development process model to be introduced to the software engineering industry. This belief is supported by the timeline of events surrounding the emergence of the Waterfall model - The term ‘software engineering’ was coined in 1965 by Margaret Hamilton, a developer at NASA, only five years before the first publication about the Waterfall approach.

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    Finding and Unblocking Bottlenecks to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Sep 27, 2019 12:41:39 PM

    You want your business to be running like you’re driving on an empty highway. But, at the moment, it might feel like you’re driving at 5.00 p.m. on a Monday in the middle of the city – backed up. Of course, you know that traffic ebbs and flows, becomes more congested at some points than others, as more cars attempt to push in where there’s not enough space. This is what we call a bottleneck.

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    5 Reasons you should invest in productivity

    Posted by Peter Cronin on May 17, 2019 10:39:57 AM

    Many business owners and senior managers share concerns about whether their business is currently growing fast enough. Others complain that their business is an operational nightmare!

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    How to massively increase the visibility of work and workflows in your business

    Posted by Peter Cronin on May 17, 2019 10:25:13 AM

    Have you ever found yourself looking at your business and thinking the workload is getting unmanageable, projects half-complete, some late, and teams working too much overtime? It can often feel like you’re using a lot of energy just to keep your head above water.

    Managers often say, “It’s all good. Everything is under control,” when that is far from the truth. Fires are occurring in their department faster than they can put them out.

    The reports don’t tell you the truth! They often use individual data points which show individual trends, but the overall underlying trend is hidden underneath the ‘noise’ of daily variation.

    There’s a juggling act going on in the background to try to keep dev teams and customers happy. Product development are screaming, “It’s the sales team fault we are so behind – they keep making promises we can’t keep.” Sales are screaming, “It’s the development team’s fault for not meeting the deadlines.” Finance is complaining, “We should be taking this product to market by now” Development is complaining, “We need more devs to get the backlog down.”

    It’s difficult to gain visibility over the inner workings and patterns of your business while the business is simultaneously trying to keep its customers happy, keep its staff happy, and get the work finished.

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    Three ways a task managed environment will help you increase your business’s productivity

    Posted by Peter Cronin on May 17, 2019 10:16:10 AM

    If you’ve ever looked around the office and thought your business has too many different files and systems, you may have come to these terrifying conclusions:

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    How to make your business more productive with workflow management software

    Posted by Peter Cronin on May 17, 2019 10:10:12 AM

    You wouldn’t be the first to say, “Yes, my people are busy...” then question, “So, where are the results? Why do they produce so little?”

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    7 Ways Project and Issue Tracking Software is Failing your Business

    Posted by Peter Cronin on Apr 8, 2019 10:52:44 AM

    Right now, you are probably using a software system to track projects and issues within your business. If you suspect that your software or processes are not getting the job done or your projects are not running as smoothly as you would like, you may be right!

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